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Concrete Primer

A watertight partner

Looking for a product to effectively prime your concrete surface before painting?

Had enough with highly toxic hydrochloric acid solutions that you have to apply with a brush,

wearing a mask and gloves, and that need endless rinsing and a 48-hour wait before you can paint?
Surf-Pro Concrete Buster is the solution. Invented to save you time, this first and only concrete primer makes your life easy. You’ll be pleased with its other characteristics, too!

• Easy application using a sponge roller (6−10mm) and a plastic paint tray
• Provides superior adhesion for the following finishes: oil paint, latex paint, epoxy paint,

urethane paint, etc. 
• Eliminates paint flaking and rust on metal (interior door knobs, etc.)
• Light rinse with a wet mop
• Dries in only 45 minutes so you can get on with painting
• No odour or toxic fumes
• Earth friendly
• Guaranteed results


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