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Intelligent Glue Buster

intelligent Glue Buster

Unsticks fast!

You’ve decided to tear out and replace your old flooring, but despite your hard work with knives and scrapers, there’s still a lot of glue on your wood or concrete surface. You tried acetone and solvent, which only made it worse! Your last hope was the sander⎯but glue build-up on the sandpaper blocked the machine. Out of ideas? Surf-Pro Glue Buster is the solution. Invented to save you time, this effective, revolutionary new product was developed based on a transfer principle unique to Surf-Pro. You’ll also appreciate its many other features!

• Gel formula
• Unique formulation absorbs adhesives in 15 minutes
• Removes carpet glue, black glue, construction glue, ceramic glue (on plywood), epoxy glue, latex glue, contact glue and 100% polyurethane glue

• Application with roller or brush
• Minimal odour
• Guaranteed results


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