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Lime & Rust Buster

Lime & Rust Buster

Lime’s last stand!

Dissatisfied with the cleaning products designed to remove lime or hard water deposits?

Wonder what those products are good for given the long list of warnings on the label?

Worse yet, did you turn the metal ring in your sink black when you used these products

on your faucets? Never want to go there again? Surf-Pro Lime & Rust Buster is the solution. 

Thanks to its unique dissolving process, this revolutionary product will meet your expectations.

You’ll also appreciate its many other features!

• Unique process dissolves lime residue and rust, removing them completely, unlike other products that only reduce lime and rust

• No risk of damage to fragile surfaces: acrylic, fiberglass, delicate porcelain, faucets and plumbing, shower doors, humidifiers, shower heads, irons, etc.

• Works five times faster than similar products advertised on the market
• 100% water soluble, no damage to septic tanks or the environment
• Guaranteed results


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