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Silicone Buster

With this product the silicone is gone - leaving no residue!


Finally, a product for removing residues of dried silicone. You should know that silicone is so effective that there is nothing on the market that can dissolve or remove beads of well-applied silicone that has dried completely.

You have likely experienced removing a bead of silicone with a putty knife or a small all-purpose knife. Up until then it is not too difficult, but after that things are not so easy as the silicone leaves a sticky residue that adheres as strongly as the actual silicone, which is why it is so difficult to remove.

But here is the solution that will simplify your life -The Silicone Buster! You apply the product,

let it react and now you can remove all traces of silicone. All without effort!

The Silicone Remover not only excels at removing dried silicone residue, but it is a multi-purpose product that easily removes other sealers such as Flextra or Mono. It has almost no VOC’s and it does not damage surfaces. The Silicone Buster is a very stable, user-friendly product.

With The Silicone Buster you can remove all traces of silicone and obtain a smooth, non-sticky and residue-free surface regardless of the surface and its orientation.

It’s the perfect quick solution for well-done work.

silicone buster


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