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Tar Buster

When removing leaves and other material from your gutters you notice that you need new tar-based plastic caulking on the flashing and eaves. You try to seal the joints without getting the caulking over the adjacent surfaces or even yourself. However, it seems impossible to do so without staining something.


Or, during the summer it is almost impossible to avoid road work where tar is applied to the roads. The tar loves to coat your lower car body like a Picasso painting.


The answer: The Tar Buster! Yes, you can try using other solvents, such as mineral oil or turpentine, but be warned. The black tar is gone but they will still leave a brown stain. You also risk damaging aluminum, vinyl and wood surfaces.


The very special formula of The Tar Buster removes all traces of tar without damaging other surfaces (always use on a test area first).


How did we achieve this: Mother Nature. The Tar Buster is made using citrus and floral ingredients.

tar eliminator


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