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Tile & Grout Buster

It’s magic for your ceramic!

Is the color of your ceramic joints so altered that you can’t remember what it used to look like?

You’ve moved into your new apartment, but the bathroom grout makes you think grey was the last tenants’ favorite colors? Finding a permanent white powder on your ceramic tiles?

Tried cleaning everything with a soapy product, but find it only made things worse?

Want to do something about it? Surf-Pro Tile & Grout Buster II is the solution. 

Developed using a unique acid-based process, this revolutionary product will restore colors to your ceramic joints. Take advantage of this product’s many characteristics!

• Dissolution process that cleans grout and restores its original appearance
• Easily removes efflorescence, a white powder left on joints and ceramic after grout is applied
• Removes dried grout residue from ceramic
• Works in seconds
• Guaranteed results

tile&grout buster


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