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Glass & Mirror Buster Refill

Specially formulated to eliminate the problem of streaks.


Patio doors are the biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning. The reason is that modern doors and windows are highly energy efficient. Heat, cold, sunlight and

dirt can create a thin film on the UV prevention coating which is only partially removed by conventional window cleaners.


Surfpro has developed a unique magnetic polymer that captures this film, preventing it from spreading on the glass.


This polymer also produces miracles on mirrors, granite and quartz marble countertops, patio door, laptop screen, television, tablet, glass table ...

It would be more correct, and logical, to simply state that because of the high heat and humidity in bathrooms mirrors become coated with a film that is hard to remove. The Glass & Mirror Buster easily removes this film, eliminating streaks.


It also produces miracles cleaning chrome and fixtures because it doesn’t contain any ammonia compounds which can, with time, cause tarnishing.


We are not a cleaning products company. We manufacture solutions.

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