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Garbage-Odor Buster

Problem: Odours from garbage pails.


What to do when, with summer temperatures, you lift the cover of the garbage pail. Worse even, after the last lobster party, you have said goodbye to everyone but are too tired to empty the kitchen garbage pail.


Solution: The Garbage Odor Buster. How does it work? Is it an odour neutralizer, an odour eliminator or does it just hide the odor (like most of the products on the market)? None of these!


You may laugh reading this: The Garbage Odor Buster is derived from aerospace technology. What do you do in the absence of gravity? Surfpro has developed a very heavy molecule. Much heavier than odour molecules which prevents the development of odours even in high heat. Nothing complicated but incredibly effective.


The Garbage Odor Buster has a personality problem because it works without you realising it, so we have given it a pleasing citrus scent.


The Garbage Odor Buster is also recommended for diaper pails, grinders and litter boxes.



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