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Goo Buster

Sticky no more!

The clerk at the hardware store did warn you about urethane foam residue, as well as messes from polyurethane glue and silicone around the tub. And what about the marks left by window stickers posted well in view for years?. Of course, you can always get out your mask and use a very strong solvent, but you know you can’t always count on the best results. What to do? Surf-Pro Goo Buster is the solution. This revolutionary product was developed based on studies and in-depth research and removes a wide range of residues that used to be permanent.

You’ll be pleased with its other characteristics, too!

• Removes the following residues: insulation foam, PL PREMIUM glue, silicone, stickers,

Duck and Glass clad tapes, etc.

• Can even be used on the most delicate surfaces
• 100% biodegradable and water soluble
• Safe for hands
• Pleasant citrus fragrance
• Guaranteed results

PL PREMIUM is a registered trademark of Henkel Corporation Canada.

*Also available*
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