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 Intelligent Paint & Varnish Buster

What a fantastic feature!


The ready-to-use Paint & Varnish Buster

The product is blue when applied and when it turns clear it is ready to remove. You just wipe the surface to remove it along with the paint or varnish residue.


It is the Paint & Varnish Buster that tells you when it has done its work!

Isn’t that great!


The removal time varies with the type of paint, but 15 minutes is usually the maximum needed.


The Paint & Varnish Buster a revolutionary product in gel form that is ultra performing, ultra fast, with a low odor and very low amounts of volatile chemicals, and it is especially easy to use because it tells you when it is time to remove paint, varnish or others. It can detect the type of paint to remove and thus is more effective.


  • Its special production method results in a lower odor when applied, allowing you to apply it indoors with adequate ventilation.

  • Its unique formula allows you to remove 3 – 5 coats of paint at a time, meaning less time is needed and less product is used.

  • It easily removes: oil-based or lead-based paint; latex; melamine; Roxtone finish; lacquer; single or two-component epoxies, etc.

  • Place the container in the freezer for about 1 hour increase it gelling, making it more effective and easier to apply to vertical surfaces.

It is unique technology. The ready-to-remove indication lets you work like a professional.


 Paint & Varnish Buster a difficult task easy.

 Intelligent Paint & Varnish Buster


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