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Intelligent Sealer No Shine

intelligent Sealer No Shine

After a few visits to the retailers, your choice stops on this beautiful slate. the texture, the currents of gray while passing with the slightly coppery reflections, it is imperative for you to keep this aspect as natural as possible.

It goes without saying that such a quality of stone receives a protection of the highest resistance but not just any. There is different kind of sealer on the market but let us expose our technology.

We opted for a fluorine-based formulation. You know the product in toothpaste or incorporated in the water of some municipalities. Why ? Because the molecular chain is very different from other types of formulations.

Most formulations have a so-called side-by-side or next to each other chain of molecules while our formulation is molecularly chained one on top of the other, which means that when you apply a layer of Sealer Intelligent No Shine, you apply 6 coats in one application.

The advantage is to keep the natural finish of the stone. Protected against water infiltration but also against oils such as vinaigrettes, shampoo etc


Note: can not be applied to marble and polished granite.


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