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Intelligent Sealer

Now you’ve got it sealed!

Do you love ceramic tile, but hate the inevitable discoloration of grout?

Have you used a silicone-based grout sealer, only to find that it changes the color of your

joints when you apply it? Find it too laborious to keep the sealer off the tiles to avoid a mess?

Finally, do you find that no sealer you’ve used so far has been resistant enough?

Looking for a miracle product? Surf-Pro Intelligent Sealer is the solution. 

Developed to make your life easy, this effective, revolutionary product saves you time and money.

You’ll also appreciate its many other features!

• Unique formula provides an invisible seal with a flexible, fluorine-based membrane
• Maintains the original color of your grout during and after application
• Silicone-free, 100% biodegradable product
• Can be applied with a sponge roller to spread the product quickly, then wipe excess from tiles

(takes 70% less time)

• Ideal for use after Surf-Pro Tile & Grout Buster
• Guaranteed results

Intelligent Sealer


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