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Intelligent Soap

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Find that shine!

The drudgery of housecleaning is practically finished, and as you begin washing the floors, you wonder: “Will I be able to get all these marks off?” You’re also frustrated because you have to

change products to clean the different floors in your home: ceramic tile, hardwood and vinyl.

You also know that most cleaning products contain fats that build up on your surfaces over time.

Looking for a miracle product to save you? Surf-Pro Intelligent Soap is the solution.

Its unique formula will bring back the shine; you’ll even be able to walk barefoot on your floors without leaving a trace. Take advantage of this product’s many characteristics!

• Vibrant organic compound created with an exclusive technology that lets water do all the work
• Can be used on all surfaces without exception, including hardwood floors, floating (laminate)

floors, vinyl flooring, ceramic tile or marble

• Organic, anti-bacterial and 100% biodegradable very quickly
• No damage to surfaces
• Safe for animals (no glycol)
• Guaranteed results

*Also available*
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